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  RTI, founded July 2008, is a venue for Reformed theology, education, training, and discussion.
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Ask Mr. Religion


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PostPosted: 08-05-2008 6:04 pm
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I started RTI on July 27, 2008 in answer to a provocation I felt after much prayer and thought to minister to those who, for one reason or another, are in need of a place for discussion, education, and training about the Reformed understandings of God and Scripture. It is a personal goal of mine for RTI to be one of the best internet discussion site for the Reformed and anyone else who is hungry for digging deeper into the word of God.

If you are wondering what we believe here at RTI, we have a published Statement of Faith and I have published my own for all to read. We will not waver from these beliefs and we will share the Good News according to these beliefs, which are firmly founded upon the teachings of Scripture.

RTI is one of the few internet discussion sites focused strictly upon Reformed perspectives. Unlike other discussion sites that allocate a sub-forum or two to Reformed views, then permit all manner of vitriolic content about the same, RTI is a welcome oasis for those who seek a community of interest of like-minded believers. When you are participating in our discussions here, you will find yourself among many who think and believe just as you do...a welcoming respite.

It costs nothing to join RTI. There are no special levels of membership based upon fees. Every member may freely enjoy all that RTI has to offer within the bounds of our rules. All technical support for the site is provided by its volunteers and the costs of keeping the site free to everyone is by the gracious donations anyone wishes to give towards the maintenance of this site, e.g., occasional advertising campaigns to attract new members, annual ad-free subscription, global flag map counter, RSS feeder subscription, chatbox subscription, etc. Our members are not regularly pestered about these matters as God has continued to share in His abundance with the site's owner.

In summary, RTI is a venue for worship, education, training, and discussion about all things Reformed. We hope you will spend some time to look around the site and are confident you will ultimately find RTI to be a place that will become a frequent component in your walk of faith.

Lastly, in case you are new here and wondering, "Who is AMR?" see below.


I (real name: Patrick) am a Vietnam veteran, formerly a Roman Catholic, and am an ordained minister (Southern Baptist), who later joined a church in the PCA denomination. I bi-vocationally pastored a new Reformed church in Pinellas County , FL for a few years and then spent many years as a wireless communications technology expert at companies such as GTE, Alcatel, Motorola, Intel Corp., and General Dynamics. I have taught grad/undergrad electrical engineering and computer science courses at Southern Illinois University, DePaul University, and Augusta Technical College. Today, along with my son, I maintain a wireless communications engineering intellectual property consulting business specializing in forensic patent analysis (purchases, licensing, or litigation of patents).

I have degrees in electrical engineering (Ph.D./BS), adult education (MS), divinity (MDiv), and an additional Licentiate in Sacred Theology certificate (two years of study beyond a MDiv required for Roman Catholic seminary teaching). After seven years of study, contemplation, teaching, and discovering Jansenism while in the Jesuit religious order, I left Romanism for Protesantism. Very soon afterwards I fully adopted the Reformed view of the doctrines of grace.

In theology, Iím a Calvinist, creationist, inerrantist, cessationist, classical Christian theist, and moderately preterist. On the sacraments, I take them to be symbolic. I regard other issues in sacramentology as secondary to this primary position. I believe in the primacy of divine revelation within innately perspicuous Scripture. In ethics, I subscribe to traditional Christian morality, rooted in Godís revealed law as the source and standard of personal and social ethics. I also hold to a infralapsarian theodicy. I subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

In July 2008, I founded the Reformed Theology Institute (RTI) for the express purpose of providing a place where like-minded persons can come together and dialog in a civilized manner about the many aspects of the Reformed faith.

I have been married for 34 years to a woman who makes me want to be a better man every day. Valerie taught mathematics at a local community college here in Chandler, Arizona. Valerie and I were born and raised in New York City. We met while we were both individually visiting Disneyland, California. I have one wonderful son, Kenneth, whom I home-schooled from grades four to twelve. Kenneth graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems.

Lastly, I am the 1994 founder of the Ask Mr. Religion (AMR) theology Q&A service. The AMR service has provided confidential, custom, fee-based, theology research for academic theologians, and private individuals (mostly seminarians) since 1994.

AMR (a.k.a. Patrick)
Arizona Arizona, it's a dry heat!

Do You Confess?
Faculty PRBS
My Randomata Blog

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