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Baseline assumptions for Reformed doctrinal discussions.
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Biblical Studies
Biblical Languages
Topics related to Biblical languages.
Exegesis - Hermeneutics
Methods, practices, questions related to exegesis and hermeneutics.
New Testament
Matthew - Jude only! Discussions of Revelation take place in the Eschatology Forum.
Old Testament
Discussion of texts from Genesis - Malachi
Reformed Doctrine
Apostasies, Cults, Heresies, Heterodoxies
Apollinarianism, Arianism, Arminianism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Christian Science, Docetism, Donatism, Eastern Orthodox, Ebionites, Gnosticism, Hinduism, ICOC, Islam, JWs, Manichaeism, Monophysitism, Mormonism, Montanism, Modalism, Open Theism, Nestorianism, Pelagianism, SDA, Unitarianism, UPC, FV/NPP, Keswick/Exchanged Life, New Age, Occultism, Hebrew Roots Movement, Hyper-Calvinism, New Covenant Theology, heresies denounced at Chalcedon, or any view that denies or perverts the five solas: Sola Scriptura, Soli Deo Gloria, Solus Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide.
Baptism - Credo
For discussions of credo-baptism. No debates of the view are allowed. Anyone participating in this forum is assumed to be in agreement with the position.
Baptism - Paedo
For discussions of paedo-baptism. No debates of the view are allowed. Anyone participating in this forum is assumed to be in agreement with the position.
Biblical Canon
Translations, manuscripts, historicity, authorship, and reception by the Church.
Christology: The Doctrine of Christ
Jesus Christ, fully God, fully man, as generally described in the Chalcedonian Definition.
Discussions of God's covenants with His people.
The visible and invisible church, its role, practices, sacraments, organization, mission.
Millennialism, preterism, dispensationalism, eternal damnation, the Eschaton.
God and the Trinity
Theology proper, such as the essence, nature, attributes, Trinity, etc., of God.
Irresistible Grace
The Holy Spirit quickens the spiritually dead.
Limited Atonement
The chosen elect Christ redeemed were really and truly redeemed (actual not potential).
Perseverance of the Saints
In their walk of faith, the elect will not fall away from eternal salvation but will ultimately persevere.
Protestant Denominations
Protestant denominations, e.g., Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, etc.
Supralapsarianism - Infralapsarianism
What can we know about the decree of God?
Total Depravity
Man has a will and his will is in bondage to his nature.
Unconditional Election
The foreknowledge of God is based upon His decree, plan, and purpose; it is the expression of His will and good pleasure, not a response to man's free-will choices.
Missions and Evangelism
The role of missions and evangelism in the church.
Apologetics Best Practices
Proven methods for offering a defense of our beliefs.
What do we know? What is the proper relationship between faith and reason?
Formal Arguments for the Existence of God
Cosmological, teleological, ontological, transcendental, etc., arguments.
Systems of thought governed by presuppositions which serve as the ultimate tests of truth.
Reformed History
Historical Confessions
Historic confessions, such as the Augsburg, Belgic, Heidelberg, Helvetic, Westminster, London Baptist.
Leaders Past and Present
Discussions, often historical, of Calvin, Luther, Barth, Clark, Hoeksema, Hodge, Strong, Berkhof, Reymond, Piper, Warfield, Edwards, Horton, Sproul, Frame, etc.
Walk of Faith
Contemporary Sanctification Topics
Lifestyle and walk of faith issues: marriage, divorce, parenting, mental illness, home-schooling, abortion, homosexuality, suicide, charity to others, proper behaviors, etc. Please use the men or women's only sub-forums for topics not suited for mixed audiences.
Tools of the Faithful
Bible translations, commentaries, Bible software, concordances, study methods, seminary education, etc.
Active Debates
A lyceum for debates that have been pre-arranged with the site admin.
Debate Challenges, Requests
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Debate Discussion Gallery
Ongoing debate discussion.
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