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PostPosted: 02-23-2012 11:50 am
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Apologetic_Warrior wrote:
Nang wrote:
I must ask . . . what else is (supposedly) required in addition to a sinner's assent to the logical proposition that Christ died and was resurrected for our justification?

The only initial requirement for salvation is the sovereign grace of God, His (monergistic) work alone in regeneration.


How can Covenant children whom die in infancy mentally assent to the logical propositions?

They cannot so their regeneration would be according to unconditional election, alone.  (Romans 9:11)

Salvation is no mere mental assention, and mental assention doth seem to be a work of man.

My question was not meant to imply such.  Faith is the gift of God that evidences election/regeneration.  I was wondering why you found fault with Clark's anti-sensationalism.  

This is another difference between Van Tillian and Clarkian apologetic, Van Til aimed for a Reformed apologetic, and that is another reason why the other methods (classical, evidential, etc.) are more popular and accepted.

I believe Clark also aimed for a Reformed apologetic.  

Do you think otherwise?


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